Execution costs money

April 29.17 By: Curtis Moody

If i don’t know how to execute perfectly, I invest. Sometimes I hire coaches, consultants and mentors. Theres one underlying theme with all of these important elements of success. I hired them. Hiring people isn’t always cheap, and neither is success.

6 Dollar Coffees

Thousands of people spend thousands of dollars on holidays and 6 dollar coffees year after year, yet complain following their dreams is too expensive or too risky. Spending time, and money improving yourself will be the most valuable thing you can do for your life. Without constant improvement your downfalls with quickly catch up and drag you down. I have been able to invest my time and finances confidently into the framework that carries out my dreams for ONE reason: I believe in myself. I make every goal of mine a priority, I design a plan of execution and act on it. If you don’t have blinders on, you’re distracted. Get tunnel vision for what you are passionate about and don’t slow down. It won’t be cheap, but it will be beautiful.

If Your Shit is Broken

If you are waiting for the weekend or a vacation to live, your SHIT IS BROKEN. Get up, put the phone down, write something down, and spend more time reaching your goals. Stop paying so much attention to others and do something you 100% believe in- 100% of the time. When you succeed at something you dedicate 100% of your time and money in you will win. Mornings become shotgun starts, weekends become an opportunity to work while others relax, and vacations become chances for your mind to dream the next destination along your journey.

Stop whining | Start building | Stay hungry


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