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Founder of Concept4 Global,

Curtis Moody is passionate about organic business development. As an architect of ideas he is driven to develop industry leaders whose businesses function at their optimal capacity.

Exposure to his fathers IT and network development career inspired a crusade to exceed previously set limits within the computing industry. Additionally, his involvement in residential development at a young age inspired his passion for building success and providing successful solutions. These architectural tendencies influence his formulation of innovative methods and processes to develop industry leaders.

Through his involvement in venture capital consulting and visionary development, Curtis aspires to acquire and retain industry leading positions for clients of his respective endeavours. Regularly investing in businesses of the next generation's leaders, he pursues opportunities in a plethora of fields.

Curtis has travelled the globe, competed in Ironman Triathlon races, climbed trees to harvest coconuts barefoot, surfed the North Shore's of Hawaii & climbed ice-capped mountains. His primary focus is not to revel in the attention of achievement, but rather live for a greater purpose- others.

Your success is my passion.

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